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Food to Help Keep Your Smile Bright!

We often think of the obvious when it comes to keeping our smile bright – brushing our teeth twice a day, flossing and mouthwash, but what about the foods we eat? Do those help keep our smile bright? Today we are going to cover a few different types of every day foods that are good for your teeth and you may not even of realized it!

1. Say Cheeeseee!!!

As much as we love to say this, we also love to eat it. Cheese, apart from being delicious, is a delight for your teeth as well. It comes with its health benefits and bounties. Cheese is a noted source for phosphorous, protein and calcium. These elements make your teeth stronger and whiter. Acting as a source to protect your teeth from decay, cheese is a perfect food option that enables you to eat healthily and eat deliciously!

As a person begins to age, the enamel of his or her teeth begins to degrade. This necessitates the intake of nutrients that would prevent tooth decay. Also, cheese can help in making the tooth enamel stronger and even rebuild it.

2. Don’t be nuts! Eat nuts!

Nuts and seeds can help in whitening your teeth a lot. This is due to their abrasive and relatively rough texture. They help in removing stains and plaque from your teeth. Nuts and seeds are rich in omega three fatty acids, which help in preventing gum diseases. These nuts contain essential oils which give your teeth a healthy glow and bless you with a beautiful smile!

3. Did someone say strawberries?

Yeah, you read that right! Strawberries contain antioxidants to keep your teeth and gums healthy. They help in keeping up with oral hygiene. Packed with a lot of polyphenols, they help in brightening your teeth. Rich in ascorbic acid, they also help in rebuilding the teeth enamel. They are likely to benefit adults as much as they benefit kids.

Apart from eating healthy, an individual needs to adopt some standard practices of brushing twice a day, flossing, and using an anti-bacterial mouthwash, etc. Other foods that can help in keeping your teeth strong and your smile bright can include; spinach, raisins, basil leaves, etc.

The catch here is to eat food rich in calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin, and phosphorous.

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