How to Continue to Limit the Spread of COVID-19

Now that we’re all very familiar with the global pandemic that is Covid-19, life seems to be starting to settle back into a new normal. Unfortunately, that also means that many people are becoming more and more lax with keeping up the recommendations necessary to limit further spread of the virus.

Below are some great tips to continue to keep you and your family healthy as our community continues to navigate COVID-19.

Clean Your Phone

While a lot of focus is (rightfully) on hand washing and wearing masks, something that isn’t discussed as often is the importance of cleaning your phone. Our hands touch our phones hundreds of times a day, and those phones can hold onto and spread all kinds of germs, including Covid-19.

An easy way to clean your phone is with simple, easy to find alcohol wipes, as long as they contain at least 70% isopropyl alcohol. Just use one to wipe down your phone and your case a few times a day, and you’ll reduce the risk to both yourself and your fellow residents substantially! And remember, after touching your phone (or letting anyone else touch it), make sure to wash your hands too.

Limit Social Activities

With some states and cities loosening their restrictions, it can be exciting to consider getting back to your normal social schedule! These last few months have definitely been trying for people who love attending activities and having visitors, but try to remember that it’s for a good reason. Every social activity increases the risk of exposure.

If you need to have people over, make sure to follow social distancing guidelines. Try to stay at least six feet away at all times, and minimize physical contact like hugging or handshakes. Masks should also be worn at all times.

Self Monitor For Symptoms

Knowing the COVID-19 symptoms and self monitoring is an additional way you can help limit its spread.

If you feel sick, take your temperature once a day, at least. While fever isn’t always a symptom, any unexplained fever should be reported immediately. Some people may have a fever without any other symptoms, but will still be symptomatic.

Respiratory symptoms are usually one of the first signs as well. A sudden cough or difficulty breathing is nothing to brush off. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has the ability to go from bad to worse very quickly. If you develop any respiratory symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

Other symptoms to watch out for may include fatigue, muscle aches, and a loss of appetite. While many symptoms are likely due to other, non Covid-19 causes, they should all be reported immediately to be extra precautious. Think of it as saving a life!

Continue To Wash Your Hands

Handwashing continues to be one of the most important, if not the most important, tools in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. It is also one of the most underutilized.

Knowing the proper handwashing technique is key to removing all potential germs, especially prior to cooking, eating, etc. Wet your hands, apply soap, and rub vigorously for at least 20 – 30 seconds. A good way to remember this is to sing “Happy Birthday” to yourself twice. Not only is it a fun distraction, it’s also the perfect amount of time recommended by the CDC.

If handwashing isn’t an immediate option, hand sanitizer is an acceptable substitute. It needs to contain more than 60% alcohol to be effective, however, and is not a replacement for full handwashing. Make sure to rub your hands together thoroughly until all the sanitizer is dissolved, getting under your fingernails as well.

By remembering just a few, important tips, you can limit potential Covid-19 exposure to yourself and your family. While the current times may feel stressful, knowing how to best fight back can be empowering and keep everyone safe and sound. Hang in there!

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