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Thanksgiving Foods that are Good For Your Smile!

Thanksgiving is around the corner! And while our dental hygiene is typically the last thing we think about during the holiday season, we wanted to share with fun ways that our Thanksgiving feast can actually be good for your teeth! 


Since it takes several days to prepare and multiple hours to actually cook, we’re happy to report all that hard work pays off! Not only is our Thanksgiving turkey the centerpiece of the holiday, but it also can benefit our smile. First off, turkey itself is very low in sugar, which in turn means a low chance of cavities from eating it. Most importantly though, turkey contains vitamin D, which is important for strong bones and tooth enamel. 


Studies have shown that the nutrients in cranberries can help fend off a certain strain of mouth bacteria that is responsible for tooth decay. These nutrients are called polyphenols and not only play an important role in fighting off bacteria, but are good for your immune system overall. The one issue with cranberries at Thanksgiving is that it is usually cooked into sauce form, which contains a high amount of sugar. When deciding how to have cranberries this Thanksgiving, opt for homemade, where you can dictate the amount of sugar that goes into it. Lower sugar is better for your teeth and helps those little polyphenols shine! 

Sweet Potatoes

This vegetable is a staple at every Thanksgiving meal – whether it’s in the form of a casserole, glazed, roasted or your name it, it’s not leaving the menu anytime soon. This wonderful vegetable can benefit your smile through its high levels of Vitamin A, another vitamin great for your tooth enamel (and eyesight as well). According to WebMD, just one sweet potato can give you up to 400% of the Vitamin A you need each day! Similar to cranberry dishes, anything involving sweet potatoes tends to be on the sweeter side for this holiday. As a result, we recommend using honey or maple syrup instead of marshmallows or regular sugar to sweeten up your dish a bit – You don’t want to miss out on all the wonderful health benefits! 


While this isn’t a specific dish we see at our thanksgiving table, we know it will be in a variety of recipes. Whether it stands alone on a charcuterie board or is added to the mashed potatoes, cheese can assist the overall health of your smile as well. Typically, cheese has a good amount of calcium that is important for building strong bones and teeth. Now we don’t recommend going out and eating a brick of cheese, but in small amounts, it can have positive effects (assuming you aren’t lactose intolerant!).

We hope that you enjoyed learning how some of the most famous components to our Thanksgiving meal can help keep your smile bright this holiday season. A wonderful meal with friends and family PLUS the benefits of a healthy smile?! We think that is a win, win! Happy Thanksgiving!

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