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What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry, as a whole, includes providing dental care to people of all age groups. The dentist takes care of your teeth, your gums, and the bone structure that keeps everything together. In the world of modern dentistry, high-tech equipment is used to cater to the issues patients are facing. These include dental radiography and CAT scans, etc.

Below is a list of 5 common procedures that is typically performed by your dentist:

1. Root canal treatment:

This is among the most common and widely performed treatments. This is performed due to the pulp within a tooth being infected. The process can be performed by any general dentist.

2. Dentures: 

In layman terms, these can be said as the set of false teeth. For people who have a tooth or teeth missing, this is how they can reclaim their broken smile once again. These false teeth are removable and look like the same as natural teeth.

3. Dental Bridge:

As the name suggests, this procedure involves artificial tooth/teeth with an artificial crown that may be used to fill either a side gap, ensure better appearance or keep the false teeth intact. 

4. Cosmetic procedures:

A broader term than it looks, cosmetic procedures can help you get a complete and vibrant smile. These procedures can range from the very simple teeth whitening to cosmetic bonding and also, porcelain veneers. 

Dental veneers or porcelain veneers are thin caps which are custom made for your tooth/teeth. These are made to enhance the appearance of your teeth by filling in for the required size, shape, or color.

5. Extractions:

Sometimes, the case is that a tooth becomes severely damaged and there is no other option than to take it out. The process of taking out the tooth is known as extraction. Permanent teeth are sometimes also removed in some orthodontic treatments.

There are a variety of other conditions treated by your dentist, so make sure to schedule an appointment if you feel discomfort for any reason. A general dentist’s goal is to make your smile last a lifetime and with modern technology, it’s easier than ever!

Have you had any of the above dental procedures performed? We love hearing from you, let us know in the comments below!

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